Artist Biography:

Ivonete is Brazilian, born in Juiz de Fora, State of Minas Gerais and raised in Rio de Janeiro City. At very early age, she started to work in multinational companies and realized that higher and bilingual education would help her to advance in life. She major in Law at Candido Mendes University, Rio and learned English at NYU-New York University.

She started a brilliant career at Citibank, first in Rio, later in New York City where she was promoted to Vice-President, the first Brazilian woman to hold this title in the company. Today, already retired from the financial world, Ivonete lives in Key Biscayne, FL, where she dedicates her time to the art of photography.

The love for photography started with her several business trips around the world, maybe a way to escape the stressful meetings. Thru the pictures, Ivonete can show us her true self and her love for life. Her images captures details, colors and intensity that captures one’s senses of beauty and peace.




ExpoArt Brasil, UK,  London, Collective,  November ArtExpoBrazil, November 2017

Focus Brasil, Collective , Orlando,Florida October 2017

BB Cultural Series, “Collective Perpectives, Aventura, October 2017

Latin American Art Pavilion, Mestizage, Miramar Cultural Center, October 2017

Doral Loves Brazil, Doral Cultural Center, September 2017

Latin American Art Pavilion, Magnetic Pompano, Collective Memories and Challenges of Contemporary Latin American Art, August 2017

Latin American Art Pavilion, Collective, Documenta, Art & Design Gallery, August 2017

Santa Fe Art Fair, ArteCollective Gallery, Collective, July 2017

Latin American Art Pavilion, Collective, Erotika, Art & Design Gallery June 2017

Project Galleries, Acqua Exhibition, Collective, at Art Basel, December 2016

Alberto Linero Gallery, Wynwood, Miami, Solo Exhibition, November 2016

ArtBrazil 2016, Art & Design Gallery, Collective, September 2016

Duo Gallery, Enduring Beauty, Solo Exhibition, August 2016

Latin American Art Pavilion, Collective, Erotika, Art & Design Gallery June 2016

Spectrum Art Fair, Art And Design Gallery, Collective, Miami November 2015

Project Galleries, Acqua Expo at Art Basel, Collective, November 2015

Project Galleries, Art Basel Square Foot 3, Collective, Wynwood, November 2015

Centro Cultural Ariano Suassuna, João Pessoa, Brazil, Collective, September 2015

ArtBrazil, Art Serve, Collective, Ft.Lauderdale, September 2015

Brazil/Miami, Collective Galeria Louro e Canelas, João Pessoa, Brazil, June 2015

Brazilian Eyes, Collective, Wynwood, Miami, May 2015

Project Galleries, Collective, Art Basel, Square Foot Remix, Wynwood, Miami, December 2014

ArtExpoBrasil, Collective, London, November 2014

ArtExpoBrasil, Collective, Tokyo, September 2014

ArtBrazil, ArtServe, Collective, Fort Lauderdale, August 2014

Brazilian Eyes, Collective, Fort Lauderdale, May 2014


Prize: Photography Best Ensemble, ArtBrazil , Art and Design Gallery, September 2016


Finalist: Visual Arts Press Award, Focus Brasil Foundation, May 2017

Finalist: Visual Arts Press Award, Focus Brasil Foundation, May 2016

Ivonete Leite


To me a photographic camera is the extension of my eyes, the memory keeper.

I am a street photographer, who in my travels or daily life tries to capture images, to record a moment, with its beauty, its mysteries, its curiosities, shapes and emotions.

















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